Master KK Bonates

Master KK Bonates (Luiz Carlos de Matos Bonates – born 10/19/1958, Amazonas) has over forty-five years of practice and experience in the art of Capoeira.

Mestre KK’s first references to Capoeira occurred during his childhood in the 70’s in Manaus. On his capoeira journey, he had the honor of being contramestre (professor) of three great characters of Capoeira: Julival do Espírito Santo (Mestre Gato de Silvestre), Cecílio de Jesus Calheiros (Mestre Vermehlo Boxér) and Miguel Machado (Mestre Miguel Preto).

He is founder and president of the Amazonian Federation of Capoeira and is currently part of a Masters Committee. Mestre KK is the founder of the Sports and Research Association of Capoeira – Matumbé Capoeira School. He has served as director of culture of the Brazilian Confederation of Capoeira.

He is a member of the ‘Jair Moura’ Institute (Capoeira Records and Research Center) and the Mestre Bimba Foundation, both located in Bahia – Salvador, Brazil. He was vice president and adviser of popular culture of the State Council of Culture of the Amazon (2008-2012) and president and founder of the Association of “Masters and Players of Popular Culture of Amazonas”.

He was an organizing member of the First Brazilian Congress of Capoeira Angola (Salvador-Bahia), delegate of the state of Amazon at the first Conference on Racial Equality, the first and second National Conferences on Culture, the second Congress of Popular Cultures of South America and the second World Forum on Culture. He is an animator, artist, producer and cultural director of various shows, CDs, exhibitions, cultural projects, dance groups and other forms of expression related to capoeira and popular culture.

These activities lead to him publishing the book “Iúna Mandingueira – The Symbolic Bird of Capoeira" (published in Portuguese and French), and the CD “Dança de Guerra – Dance of War" (an audio documentary based on testimonies of the capoeiristas of the old guard of Bahia in the 1960s, and the only musical record of the Bahian batuque rhythm) and several editions of the Amazon Popular Culture Show.

Master KK Bonates owns the largest bibliography related to capoeira and other popular manifestations of African origin of the northern region, composed of more than twenty thousand volumes of books, magazines, newspapers, videos and other rarities. Master KK Bonates holds a PhD in Biological Sciences (Botany) from the Institute of Amazonian Research of the University of Amazonia – INPA / FUA (2007), a Masters in Biological Sciences (Botany) by INPA / FUA (1987) Biological Sciences by the Federal University of Amazonia (1980).

He is a researcher at the Biodiversity Coordination Centre of the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) and Professor at the Geographical and Historical Institute of the Amazon, headed by Adolpho Ducke.

His experience and research are focused on the areas of Tropical Botany (specialisation in Plant Anatomy) and Popular Culture, working mainly on the following topics: ecological anatomy and ecophysiology of leaves and roots of the Amazon vegetation, adaptation and phenotypic plasticity in ecosystem plants; Amazonian epiphytes, orchids, Amazonian mushrooms, economic botany, ethnobiology, ethnobotany and anthropology of Afro-Brazilian culture (emphasis on capoeira). Mestre KK has published several articles (available in Portuguese, English, French and Italian) on popular culture, Afro-Brazilian culture with an emphasis on capoeira, ethnobiology and botany.

He is invited annually, by universities and associations to give lectures and courses, mainly in European countries.

Master KK Bonates

Master KK Bonates – Matumbé Capoeira School