Capoeira is a world of joy and of all feelings, a true school of life, where there is no space for prejudices and discrimination. In Capoeira we are all the same. Capoeira develops the physical, expands the mind and strengthens the spirit, and is the true connection between past, present and future.




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Matumbé Capoeira School

We work to develop an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and learn Capoeira in all its aspects, always respecting the limitations of each person and always worrying about keeping alive the traditions and the foundations of the old masters.I hope we can find Soon and experience lots of Capoeira together.



The Matumbé Capoeira School was founded on September 24, 2011 by Master KK Bonates in the city of Manaus (Amazonas, Brazil).

The word Matumbé in Tupi-Guarany (one of the four great linguistic families of South America) means Berimbau. The objective of the work is to integrate and socialize individuals, respecting their historical, social, economic and cultural characteristics, regardless of color, gender, ethnicity, religion or social class, contributing to the development of the potential of each one.The Matumbé Capoeira School is represented in the city of Manaus (Amazonas, Brazil) by master KK Bonates.

Currently the school is present in the cities of Barcelona (Spain), New York (United States) and Rome (Italy). The main objective of the Matumbé School’s work is integration and socialization; is carried out through the continuous practice of Capoeira Baiana Tradicional, constituted by the Angolan and regional styles.

The use of traditional Baja capoeira methods is because it contains in its bases mechanisms and symbologies of the wisdom of Brazilian popular culture. Wisdom built by centuries of negotiations and conflicts between the various classes that shaped Brazilian society.

Traditional Bahian capoeira survives because it uses the logic of “repeat to learn and create to survive" and is by no means a folk art, delayed or frozen in time, but rather a dynamic activity that is renewed for the re-signification and revitalization its bases , adapting them to the present without entering into the impersonalization and coldness of the competition for the competition, in the stimulus to the victory at any cost or in the illusion of the formation of super fighters or supermen.

To understand that the traditional Capoeira Baiana is a great social tool and educational for human and citizen development, we try to contribute to our work, both nationally and internationally, for its preservation, dissemination and application, consistent with libertarian history. For this reason, we seek to increase their practice, study and research, ensuring that each member of the group understands that being a capoeirista is much more than being a simple capoeira player, sportsman or artist. It is to be an agent of freedom, fraternity and solidarity, in short, a builder of a better world.