Contramestre Capacete

Contramestre “Capacete” (Angelo Oliveira dos Anjos), Brazilian was born on the 08/02/1983 in the city of Manaus, Amazonas discovered the world of capoeira at the age of 12.

He began his first steps with Master Ricardo “Camisa Furada” (Berimbau dos Palmares group), with whom he remained training for a short time before meeting Master Bonates KK and becoming his disciple.

In 2001 he received the rank of an “Treinel" and developed several projects related with capoeira in the city of Manaus. He completed the specialized capoeira training called “EMBOSCADA” (the ambush) with a great triumph (Specialization course of Capoeira Regional creator Mestre Bimba).

In September 30, 2012 became a “Contramestre” of Mestre Kk Bonates, reflecting his devotation to the capoeira.

In his professional career, Angelo has been teaching in Brazil, South Korea, Jamaica, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, France, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, England, Switzerland, Cape Verde, Japan among many other countries, having participated in various workshops, lectures, events, cultural festivals in Brazil and abroad.

In 2006 he arrived in Kingston-Jamaica and helped deploy the Cativeiro Capoeira Group as one of the pioneers in the Caribbean island. He was the Director and Founder of NGO called Capoeira Afalia, through which he dedicated his time for an Anti-Violence Project called “Capoeira for Peace" (Capoeira for Empowerment and Peace Programme), funded by the Brazilian Embassy in Kingston and the Organization of American States (OAS). Further Capacete collaborated in the development of other socio-cultural projects in Jamaica along with his colleagues of Cativeiro by helping to organize events and activities to disseminate the art of Capoeira, thus giving his contribution and being part of history Capoeira in Jamaica.

In 2009, Contramestre Capacete arrived in Catalonia (Barcelona-Spain), having founded in 2010 the first Matumbé Capoeira School in Europe.

Currently, Capacete is the International Director and Coordinator of Matumbé Capoeira School in Europe. He develops a socio-cultural work in the city of Rome – Italy with the proposal to keep alive the culture and the foundations of traditional Capoeira, following the model “old Bahian cycle” which reflects the old Masters work with professionalism, integrity and commitment.

Contramestre Capacete

Contramestre Capacete – Matumbé Capoeira School