Mestre Fofinho

Contramestre “Fofinho” (Felipe Barbosa de Oliveira) was born 30/10/1977 in the city of Coari, Amazonas, Brazil. He had his first contact with capoeira in 1989 in Manaus with Prof. Alfredo Amorim with whom he remained for two years. Later in 1991 he was been introduced to Master Joãozinho da Figueira with whom he trained capoeira for 14 years.

Felipe managed capoeira lessons in various schools, gyms, cultural centers and community centers, and worked in several projects in the city of Manaus.

In 2006, he decided to become a member of Capoeira Cativeiro Group coordinated by Master KK Bonates.

In September 2007, Felipe “Fofinho”; received the title of Instructor by M. KK Bonates.

With a great triumph, Fofinho concluded in September 2009 the “Emboscada” Course (a specialization course developed by Mestre Bimba). A few years later he received the “Contramestre” title from Mestre KK Bonates.

Felipe is a founder and an active member of the traditional “Roda da Feira de Artesanato”, which has already more than 15 years of existence in Manaus. Several capoeiristas gather together every Sunday to the market with the single goal of enjoying capoeira.

In 2007 Felipe arrived to Kingston, Jamaica and helped to deploy The Cativeiro Group’s work in the island. He participated in several projects developed by NGO “Capoeira Afalia” and worked within the Anti-Violence Project “Capoeira for Peace” (Capoeira for Empowerment and Peace Programme) funded by the Brazilian Embassy in Kingston and the Organization of American States (OAS). He also collaborated with the development of other socio-cultural projects in Jamaica along with the other coworkers of Group Cativeiro, and helped to organize many events and activities thus giving his contribution and being part of history capoeira in Jamaica.

After two years of working with capoeira in Jamaica, Felipe returns back to Manaus and develops a project at INPA (National Institute for Amazon Research) where he works for the following two years.

Since 2013 Contramestre Felipe “Fofinho” is the coordinator of Matumbé Capoeira School in Barcelona-Spain.

Contramestre Fofinho – Matumbé Capoeira School