Treinel Carrapeta

Trenel “Carrapeta” (Kareolano Cardoso Magalhães) was born on August 30, 1985 in Monte Alegre (Pará, Brazil).

In 1998, Carrapeta had his first contact with Capoeira.

In February 2002 Carrapeta started to train capoeira with Prof. Salsicha, a disciple of Mestre KK Bonates.

In 2003 Carrapeta continued training with Contramestre Capacete (a disciple of Mestre KK Bonates) for personal reasons.

In 2007 following the invitation of Contramestre Capacete, Carrapeta performed his first international trip to Kingston, Jamaica and helped deploy capoeira in the Caribbean Island as part of the Cativeiro Capoeira group.

He worked in several projects developed by NGO “Capoeira Afalia” and contributed to the Anti- Violence Project called “Capoeira for Peace”(Capoeira for Empowerment and Peace Programme), funded by the Brazilian Embassy in Kingston and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Carrapeta also collaborated with the development of other socio-cultural projects in Jamaica along with the other coworkers of Group Cativeiro, and helped to organize many events and activities thus giving his contribution and being part of the history capoeira in Jamaica.

In September 2009 Kareolano “Carrapeta” received from the hands of Contramestre Capacete the title of “Treinel", with the supervision and the agreement of the Mestre KK Bonates. Carrapeta was recognized as one of his disciples and his commitment to capoeira was affirmed.

In September 2012 he receives the title “Professor” from Matumbé Capoeira School.

Currently Treinel Kareolano “Carrapeta” lives in New York – USA and continues to deepen his capoeiristic studies alongside with the great legend of capoeira Angola, Master Joao Grande.

Treinel Carrapeta

Treinel Carrapeta – Matumbé Capoeira School