Matumbambini Project

The Matumbambini project began in 2013 in the city of Rome, conceptualized by Contramestre Angelo “Capacete”.

The meaning of the name comes from the words Matumbé (our school) + Bambini (children in Italian), leading us to Matumbambini.

The Matumbé Capoeira School has developed a socio-cultural project, based on the Afro-Brazilian popular culture in several, mostly international, schools in the city of Rome, such as the American and English schools.

The Matumbambini project has two levels. The first is tailored for 3-4 year olds, inviting their parents to participate and interact alongside their little ones. These lessons help the children understand spatial awareness, and encourages harmony, strengthening trust and bonding between the family members hopefully improving the quality of life of the whole family. These lessons are characterized by a relaxing and fun environment, with lots of capoeira and musical games.

The second level focuses on children between the ages of 5 and 9. This class is designed for children to interact with each other, grow and learn Capoeira in a safe, stimulating and encouraging environment. Children are given the opportunity to develop their own style, to learn and be challenged by the movements and sequences imparted to them. Children are also encouraged to interact with each other though the medium of song and playing musical instruments. This course invites children to discover, explore and learn the beauties of the Afro-Brazilian universe – a universal reality.

Matumbambini Project